First Time i met you was in Paris Town
Picked up your wallet fallen on the ground
And when you gave me a  « thank you »
I grabbed your hand, ‘cause you wanted me to

Oh it was fallen
     Fallen on the ground

And then we had a « café » in the rue Rivoli
Looking for words that’d make you care
About the chance i had to see
Your lovely face, makes me happy


We spent a few years hanging from the clouds
But then the storms began to break
And the thunder was so loud
That we had to run apart


Cause it was broken
     broken inside

We tried once more to stick the pieces
But to stick the past is not enough
And « no future » wasn’t just for punks
It was for us, and it s not a laugh


Hoping for love to make us happy
I realize now it was so wrong
It only made us kinda guilty
Facing the truth is to be strong


Max – 2011


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